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About Us

Our Origin Story

The COVID pandemic has affected everyone, but some sections of our society have been affected worse. Hundreds and thousands of local craftspeople were becoming jobless with each passing day. It became a huge area of concern for our country which has been revolving around the idea of Swadeshi products for ever so long.


Soon as the first lockdown got over, to escape from the monotonous reality, Tulika went to a nearby village where she was flabbergasted to see the raw talent of the village craftspeople, who with the help of their unique skills, made unique hand-made products. She was mesmerized by their expertise but soon was engulfed with sadness as she learned that they had no one to sell their works to and had no means of livelihood after the pandemic. They had no means to travel to the city either. She then offered to help them by buying a few of their products to which they charged a minimal fee. This took some convincing to do as the artisans were prepared to sell their works for whatever they could get. On her way back home, Tulika couldn’t help but wonder about the adversity faced by these people throughout the country.


Howsoever sad this experience might have been, but for our CEO, Mrs Tulika Bhushan, it proved to be a blessing in disguise. She was instilled with a pulchritudinous idea - one that catered to the needs of the poor artisans. She decided to launch CraftsWomenIndia, which ardently supports and encourages indigenous handmade Indian products. 


In the words of Tulika -

If we could make even the slightest difference in the lives of the people working with us, it would mean the World to me


What we do ??

We at Crafts Women India, are dedicated to providing our customers authentic handmade products from The House of CraftsWomenIndia. 
In addition to making profits, our aims are the constant development of hand-crafted products, a fair, equitable and helpful relationship with the people working with us, and the maintenance of quality.
A large part of our profit is taken aside for employment generation for rural women by CraftsWomenIndia and the rest is assured to expand our reach to make a difference for the people working with us.
Our product range extends from a large variety of Handcrafted products for men, women and children to home furnishings, table decor, gifts, jewellery, organic seeds, handcrafted candles and soaps. 


CraftsWomenIndia (An RT Traders Initiative)